How To Control Risk When Starting A Home Business

By: Maryjean Howe

There are many risks associated with starting a home business. It’s like getting into uncharted waters. There is no guarantee of reaching your destination, but plenty of chances to get lost. Since risks are unavoidable, the only choice is to control its effects on your business.

H&R; Block At Home 2009 Premium & Business Federal + State + eFile [Formerly TaxCut]A major risk in any business is losing the money you put into it. Your business is dependent on a variety of factors, such as economic scenario, market fluctuations, and natural calamities. Prior to starting a home business, assess your personal finances – assets and debts, cost of setting up the business, sources of getting business capital, if required, and the amount of money you are willing to lose. Basically, consider the worst-case scenario before you commence your business operations and invest only the money you can comfortably afford to lose.

Another risk of starting a home business is generating reduced or even no income for a long time, until your business really takes off. Depending on which business and industry you are in, it may take a few months to several years before you break even. You will have to set aside some money to cover your personal and business expenses until your business starts generating income. When you take this into account before you start, you are substantially reducing the risk of having little money for your day-to-day living.

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Many times, you may choose to become an entrepreneur in your area of expertise. You may, however, lack the required skills in marketing, sales, finance or accounting that are necessary to manage a business efficiently. Learning and acquiring these skills as you run the business takes a tremendous amount of time and energy. You may get frustrated by the necessity to learn new things, when you actually want to focus on your business. Therefore, you must equip yourself with the required knowledge and skills, before you venture out to start a home business. By doing this, you can further mitigate the risk of making mistakes and losing money while running the business.

Another risk when starting a home business is personal illness or accident that might prevent you from working for a certain period of time. This translates to no income and loss of existing clients. You can anticipate such risks and get yourself insured for any contingencies. Business disability insurance will replace your regular income in case of an unfortunate event.

Similarly, you can cover the risk of property damage by going in for a business property insurance. Business liability insurance will protect your personal and business life from financial liabilities. Another type of insurance needed in this increasingly litigation-prone times, is errors and omissions insurance.


A failed business can lead to debts and consequent loss of your personal assets by business seizure. This is of importance only to substantial business entities and you can avoid the risk of losing personal assets by incorporating your company. In case your business is small but you buy products on a credit plan, you can pay a little extra and protect your personal assets from attachment by creditors. By taking adequate cover, you are in a better position to control the unexpected risks that can ruin your business and life.

Starting a home business has its own risks and bonuses. If you are able to control the risks, bonuses are all for you to enjoy.

About the Author

Starting a home business definitely has risks, but you can easily minimize the risks by better understanding them.

Maryjean Howe is a professional internet marketer and business coach based out of Oceanside, CA. She works with people to help them start a business and continues to help them use training materials to effectively run a successful business. Maryjean has worked with people from all different backgrounds to help them start a business without any experience. For more information, contact Maryjean.

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