IFRS – Training modules

The Education Initiative is developing 35 stand-alone training modules—one for each section of the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) for Small and Medium-sized Entities (SMEs).

The training material has been subject to multi-level peer review. It has not been approved by the IASB.

Download the Zip file of all modules. http://bit.ly/axcgX7


Select from the list below of the modules that are currently available to download.


Modules Titles Download
1Small and Medium-sized Entitieshttp://bit.ly/7HtFOl [220,KB]
3Financial Statement Presentationhttp://bit.ly/5gpmWc  [247,KB]
4Statement of Financial Positionhttp://bit.ly/8mgKN5  [240,KB]
5Statement of Comprehensive Income and Income Statementhttp://bit.ly/aqZvrb  [288,KB]
8Notes to the Financial Statementshttp://bit.ly/cVlV2v  [368,KB]
10Accounting Policies, Estimates and Errorshttp://bit.ly/ao1Jcj  [263,KB]
13Inventorieshttp://bit.ly/c7mPZa  [267,KB]
16Investment Propertyhttp://bit.ly/aNV2UQ  [274,KB]
17Property, Plant and Equipmenthttp://bit.ly/9Vlsgs  [303,KB]
24Government Grantshttp://bit.ly/dkZVIS  [331,KB]
25Borrowing Costshttp://bit.ly/dhVbyk  [192,KB]
32Events after the End of the Reporting Periodhttp://bit.ly/d7OL4S  [211,KB]

Source: http://www.iasb.org/IFRS+for+SMEs/Training+modules.htm

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