Karakteristik Pribadi Komite Audit dan Praktik Manajemen Laba

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Dr. Ratna Wardhani

Herunata Joseph, SE

Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Indonesia


This study aims to determine the relationship between audit committee characteristics with the practice of earnings management in a company. This research examined the characteristics of the chairman of theaudit committee as part of the most influential in an audit committee. Characteristics of the audit committee that investigated in this study include the age of the chairman of the audit committee, financialand accounting background, the experience became a partner in the accounting firm, experience of beingpart of internal management and education level. While earnings management calculated withdiscretionary accruals. Discretionary accruals values calculated using the Kaznik model. The resultsshowed that the accounting and financial background variables are related negatively to earningsmanagement. Another variable that has significant impact is the experience of being a partner ataccounting firm which is positively related to earnings management. Several control variables in thestudy, namely firm size and growth opportunity, also proved to have an influence on earningsmanagement. Firm size has a positive relationship, while the growth opportunity has a negativerelationship.


Keywords: audit committee, characteristics, earnings management, corporate governance


In a company’s financial statements, profit is one potentially very important information for both internal and external parties. Earnings information contained in the company’s financial statements has several important functions, among others, to assess management performance, to help estimate the earnings capacity of a representative in the long run, and to assess the risk of investment or lending funds (Kirschenheiter and Melumad, 2004). Because profits are so influential in this information, it is often the management take action to modify the return information to generate the desired information in order to achieve its own goals. The action was known to the management earnings (earnings management).

One of the efforts undertaken to reduce earnings management, among others, by applying good corporate governance (corporate governance). Several studies have been done related to the establishment of independent regulatory board and the establishment of an audit committee as a step in the implementation of good corporate governance, as an act of suppression management practices in corporate earnings. Chtorou et al. (2001) found that companies with larger board size to a smaller profit management. Baridwan (2002) states that audit committees have an important role in good corporate governance. Millstein (1999) in his study stated that good corporate governance practices shows that the formation of audit committees as a central point in improving the quality of financial reporting. In addition, Bapepam also confirmed that the audit committee, is helping the board of commissioners to oversee the operations of the company.

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Special emphasis on the characteristics of the audit committee as an object of research, several studies have also been carried out. Klein (2000) conducted a study on the effects of the characteristics of the audit committee and board of directors to the practice of earnings management. The study concluded that the negative relationship between independence of audit committees with management earnings. Beasley (1996) in his study stated that the audit committee that is more independent of the influence of management will be better in overseeing the financial reporting process. Meanwhile Parulian (2004) conducted a study on the relationship between the implementation of good corporate governance, which diproksi with the audit committee and the commissioners are independent of earnings management with an assessment of the audit committee and independent commissioners based on the completeness of membership, and stated if the role of audit committees and independent commissioner is not effective in supervision of financial reporting or suppression of earnings management practices.

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