The Potential Benefits of Business Debt Consolidation

By Kevin Lynch

If you are running a small business and you have accumulated excessive debt the stress of it can be detrimental to successfully running and growing your business. When the debt becomes burdensome, yet you still have a viable business that needs your attention it may be a good idea to look into the option of business debt consolidation.

While it may seem like you should just persevere and keep on paying the debts until they are paid off, the fact is that persevering may not be the best use of your energy and time, especially if the excessive debt is causing worry that is stopping you from making the best decisions for your growing business.

Most small businesses do have some debt. This is because a majority of small businesses need to borrow money to get the business going initially. Few business owners’ start out with enough capital to get and keep the business going and small business loans are common. However, debt can be both a benefit and a detriment, as it benefits you to get started but as debt increases it can cause stress that hurts your business.

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A good business debt consolidation can lower your monthly payments. This can free up some extra capital to grow the business and remove the stress of too many payments or calls from creditors. One advantage that a business has is that as a business grows, the income and equity increase, and then the debt can be decreased or eliminated so that it is less of a problem.

There are a few ways to accomplish a business debt consolidation. You can attempt to do it yourself by contacting your creditors directly and using business debt consolidation do-it-yourself kits that you can find in your local office supply store. The disadvantage to this is that is can be time-consuming and confusing and if you really have the time and energy to do it, it may be smarter to just put that time and energy back into working on your business. But doing it yourself can be a good option for some business owners.

Another option is to hire a professional debt consolidation company to do the work for you. This option will save you time and energy but it will cost you some money. However, these professionals are knowledgeable and experienced in managing debt and they can also act as an impartial liaison between you and your creditors.

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There are some considerations to think about before you consolidate. You need to consider the interest rates that you are paying now and the interest rates that you will pay after consolidation. If you are paying low interest rates beforehand, it may not be financially in your best interest to pay the costs of consolidating upfront and then also your debts will start anew so you may end up paying much more interest in the long run. Run the numbers and be aware of how consolidation will affect your finances.

Consolidating your debt may be a good option for your small business. Your goal is to grow and expand and make your business the best it can be and if consolidating your debt will help you achieve that then it is definitely an option you should consider.

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